Wednesday, December 28, 2011


St. Paul Harding took to the court against Minnehaha Academy. Harding had a record of 2-5. Minnehaha Academy had a record of 4-1 coming into the game.

Harding pushed the ball down in the court in transition. Minnehaha used a half-court zone press. They were able to put a little bit of pressure on Harding and looked to create turnovers.

Harding swung the ball around the three-point line. They looked to take time off of the clock. That also made Minnehaha come out of their zone and go to a man-to-man defense.

Viseth Koumarn for Harding was all over the court. He was not afraid to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court. If he was not open Koumarn passed the ball to his teammates.

Neither team went on a run early in the first half. It took awhile for each of these to get into the flow of the game and feel each other out.

Gerald McCarver for Minnehaha Academy did a good job of bringing the ball down the court. He was able to blow by his defenders and take the ball hard to the basket.

Minnehaha did a good job of making Harding take long shots. Minnehaha stayed in the zone for most of the first half.

Minnehaha called a timeout with 6:47 left in the first half. The score was Harding 24 and Minnehaha 13.

Kaharri Carter for Minnehaha was able to take the ball hard to the basket and get easy layups.

Harding's guard David McClain dribbled the ball around out side of the three-point line and just dribbled the ball to take time off of the clock. That forced the Minnehaha defenders to get out and apply pressure.

Harding slowed the game down late in the half. They took their time on the offensive end as they wanted to not take quick shots and waste as much time off the clock as they could.

At halftime the score was Harding 29 and Minnehaha 22.

The second half got off to a bang as both teams traded baskets. Carter lead the fast break and found the basket early in the half.

Earnaell Barner was all over the court for Harding. He was able to make his shots that he put up. Barner was also not afraid to pass up shots that he didn't think that he was not going to make.

At the start of the second half Harding was able to score on quick baskets. Minneahaha was not able to slow down Harding on the defensive end.

Harding stayed in the zone defense. That seemed to work in the first half.
Simmons got his shot going and was able to drop a few three-point shots that kept his team in the game.

Minnehaha was able to get their shots to drop midway through the second half.

Harding called a timeout with 12:40 left in regulation. The score was Harding 39 and Minnehaha 38.

The game was close and competitive the whole game. Both teams used a lot of energy and they each tried to outsmart the other.

Harding went to a full court press. They wanted to bother the Minnehaha guards and make it hard for them to get the ball down the court.

Minnehaha called a timeout with 9:07 left in regulation. The score was Harding 47 and Minnehaha 39.

Minnehaha was able to get into the heads of the Harding players as there was a major energy shift with 7:00 left. Harding missed some shots and Minnehaha was able to get their hands on the rebounds but were not able to come down with it.

Harding wanted to get the flow back as they walked the ball down the court and started their offense at half-court.

St. Paul Harding came away with the 63-55 victory over Minnehaha Academy. The leading scorer for Minnehaha Academy was Kaharri Carter with 15 points. St. Paul Harding was lead in scoring by Earnaell Barner with 23 points.

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