Thursday, December 22, 2011


Chanhassen traveled to St. Thomas Academy for a boys' high school basketball game. Chanhassen came into the game with a record of 4-2. St. Thomas Academy came into the game with a record of 2-2.

On the first play of the game Kevin Jensen for Chanhassen started the game off with a two handed slam dunk. That got his team fired up.

Chanhassen started the game in a zone defense. They wanted to force St. Thomas to shoot from the three-point line.

Chanhassen was not afraid to shoot the ball. Cole Auto for Chanhassen was able to step back behind the three-point line and was able to knock down a deep three-point shot.

The score went back and forth at the start of the game. Neither team went on a run in the early goings.

Auto continued to shoot the ball well. St. Thomas was not able to slow him down.

St. Thomas's Nick Waldvogel took the ball down the court with ease. He was able to direct his team on the court.

Chanhassen was able to get the ball out of the net and they tried to push the tempo. They didn't waste much time as they took quick shots.

The score was close throughout the first half.

Joey Stark for Chanhassen also was able to come up with a deep three-point shot. He took his time on the offensive end and called for the ball when he was open.

Jensen continued to use his size to his advantage on the low block. He is listed as 6'5” and was posted up on the low block. When his teammates got him the ball on the block he would just take it hard to the basket and was able to take easy shots.

Thomas Sjoberg was also able to knock down some deep three-point shots. He was not afraid to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court.

No one could slow Sjoberg down. Chanhassen had no one who could guard him. He was just too quick of a player.

Chanhassen called a timeout with 2:02 left in the first half. The score was St. Thomas 31 and Chanhassen 29.

Both teams dove on the floor after loose balls late in the game.

The score at halftime was Chanhassen 32 and St. Thomas 31.

Chanhassen started the second half in zone defense. St. Thomas switched up between man-to-man and zone defense.

There were many ties and lead changes throughout the game.

Waldvogel took his time of the offensive end. St. Thomas wanted to take as much time off the clock as they could.

Chanhassen had a hard time getting to the basket. The St. Thomas defenders made it hard for them to get to the basket.

St. Thomas picked up their defensive pressure at half court. Chanhassen also picked up their defensive pressure at half court. Both teams started the game and half using full court pressure.

St. Thomas called a timeout with 12:03 left in regulation the score was Chanhassen 48 and St. Thomas 39.

St. Thomas didn't back down. They kept on playing hard. Even though their shots were not falling for a period of time in the second half they didn't give up.

Waldvogel was able to knock down some three-point shots and keep his team in the game.

Chanhassen continued to take the ball hard to the basket.

Chanhassen called a timeout with 6:25 left in regulation. The score was Chanhassen 59 and St. Thomas Academy 47.

Paddy Clancy for St. Thomas picked up his man full court the rest of his team picked up their guys at midcourt. Clancy was looking to get a few steals before the ball crossed the half court line.

Chanhassen passed the ball around the three-point line. They wanted to take as much time off the clock as they could.

Chanhassen came away with the 77-58 victory over St. Thomas Academy.

I thought that both teams played well throughout the game. I thought that Kevin Jensen played well for Chanhassen. The St. Thomas defenders were not able to slow Jensen down. Jensen gave his team energy and I think that his teammates fed off of that when he was out on the court.

I thought that Thomas Sjoeberg played well for St. Thomas Academy.

The leading scorer for St. Thomas Academy was Thomas Sjoberg with 36 points.

The leading scorers for Chanhassen were Kevin Jansen with 31 points, and Cole Auto with 16 points.

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