Wednesday, December 21, 2011

EastView vs Springlake Park

By Aaron Edwards of MYST

Two Undefeated Spring Lake Park Programs Match Up for there 5 game. With both teams coming in at 4-0 promises too be a good game.. East View having size starting 3 players 6’6 or more .

Joey King for east view Scoring 10 points before the panthers get on the board. East View jumps to a fast start 20-4 with 11:30 in the fist half.. east view going up big 33-11 with 3 3 pointers and 20 by Joey King .. Late in the first half SLP makes a 6-0 Run led by Bryce Williams too make the score 18-33..

East View Takes a lead at the half 41-25 led by Joey King with 20 at half..

Spring Lake Park starts the second half in a 1-3-1 defense. East view starts the second half of the game the same way the started the first by feeding Joey King.. Spring Lake keeps the fight up with 3 3 pointers n the first part of the second half to cut the lead down 60-50 East View.

With 5:12 left East View Up 70-56 the fouls are adding up for Spring Lake Park going into the bonus.

More Joey King more free throws as East View pushes the lead to 20 with 2:50 left..

East View Wins in a blow out score of 86-63..

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