Thursday, November 7, 2013


In the final game of the league, Apple Valley went up against Roseville. Apple Valley looked to push the ball down the floor as they looked to get the ball into the hands of guard Tyus Jones. Tyus was all over the floor early on as he tried to get the Apple Valley offense going.
Roseville did a good job of getting out and pushing the ball in transition.
The score went back and forth throughout the first half. Neither team went on a run. On the defensive end of the floor both teams did a good job of going after loose balls.
Apple Valley had a lot of cross court passes that resulted in turnovers. Roseville, however, was not able to convert on the offensive end.  
Neither team was able to get up a lot of shots in the first half because of the defensive pressure that was applied.
Trey Jones for Apple Valley did a good job of getting everyone involved in the offense.
Apple Valley strung some baskets together late in the first half.
On the defensive end Apple Valley was able to frustrate Roseville.
At halftime the score was Apple Valley 30, Roseville 23.
As the second half for underway both teams continued to push the ball down the floor. Tyus Jones took over on the offensive end as he ran the offense. He communicated to his players on where they were supposed to be on the floor. On the defensive end, Tyus was able to slow down the guy that he was guarding.
Roseville got into a shooting rhythm midway through the second half. The Apple Valley defense, however, made it hard for them to hit consecutive shots that they put up.
Both teams played with a lot of intensity and passion throughout the game.
Tyus Jones was crafty with the ball. He knew how to get past his defenders as he came up with some nice plays throughout the game.  
In a hard-fought game Apple Valley came away with the 53-44 victory over Roseville.

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