Thursday, November 7, 2013


On Nov. 6, St. Cloud State and St. Thomas University played each other in an exhibition women’s basketball game.
Both teams came out with a lot of intensity. St. Thomas started the game in a zone defense. They wanted to force St. Cloud State to take long shots.
St. Cloud State couldn’t hit a shot early in the contest. The defensive pressure got to them as they couldn’t get their offense going.
St. Cloud State went to a man-to-man defense. They wanted to slow down the St. Thomas offense.
St. Cloud State called a timeout with 14:06 left in the first half. The score was St. Thomas 10, St. Cloud State 3.
Betsy MacDonald for St. Cloud State entered the game around the 13:00 mark left in the first half.
She looked to give the stagnant offense some life. On the defensive end, MacDonald was able to slow down the player she was guarding. She knew where the ball was on the floor at all times.
St. Thomas did a good job of switching between man-to-man and zone defense. They really slowed down the St. Cloud offense.
St. Thomas did a good job of getting the ball out of the defensive basket and getting the ball down the floor as they looked to get transition baskets.
At halftime the score was St. Thomas 33, St. Cloud State 22.
As the second half got underway both teams continued to push the ball down the floor. St. Cloud State caught fired as they were able to go on a 10-0 run and string five baskets together.
St. Thomas called a timeout with 17:08 left in regulation the score was St. Thomas 37, St. Cloud State 32.
St. Thomas caught fire as multiple players stepped up and hit long three-point shots.
St. Cloud State called a timeout with 14:50 left in regulation. The score was St. Thomas 43, St. Cloud State 35.
MacDonald continued to look to make shots and run the St. Cloud State offense. She knew where her teammates were on the floor and she was able to get them the ball in spots where they could make baskets.
St. Thomas was a little quicker than St. Cloud State was.
MacDonald came up with a nice steal and she was able to pass it to her teammate for an assist.
MacDonald did a good job of getting the ball to her teammates if she thought that they had a better shot. But MacDonald was not afraid to shoot it if she thought she had a good shot.
St. Cloud State never made a big run in the second half. They had to play catch up the whole second half and they were not able to catch up. Both teams played very hard and well throughout the game. In the end however St. Thomas came away with the 66-56 victory over St. Cloud State.

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