Monday, January 9, 2017


Monticello and Sartell-St. Stephen squared off in a boys’ basketball game. The score went back and forth early.
Sartell started the game in a zone defense. They wanted to make Monticello take deep 3-point shots.
Monticello pushed the ball down the floor and came up with 3-point baskets. Monticello’s Matt Todd came up with mid-range jump shots and 3-point baskets.
Sartell called a timeout with 8:26 left in the first half. The score was Monticello 24, Sartell 16.
Monticello kept on getting the ball into the hands of Todd. The Sartell defense had a tough time slowing Todd down.
Sartell’s Preston Simpson directed his team’s offense. He could get to the basket and could get shots out of the offense. He also did a good job of talking to his teammates and letting them know where they were supposed to be on the offensive end.
At halftime, the score was Monticello 42, Sartell 33.
As the second half got underway Monticello continued to pass the ball around to each other as they kept everyone involved in the offense.
Todd kept on knocking down shots. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball where he could shoot it.
Sartell struggled to shoot the ball throughout the second half. They were not able to make shots what they put up.
Monticello was too quick for Sartell. Monticello struggled to shoot the ball throughout the game.
Monticello came away with the 76-60 victory over Sartell.

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