Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The Breck Mustangs took on the Minnehaha Academy Redhawks in a boys' basketball contest. Breck
had a record of 10-13 coming into the game. Minnehaha Academy had a record of 11-13 coming into
the contest.
Breck started the game out in a zone defense. They looked to spread Minnehaha out as much as they
could. Minnehaha started the game out in a man-to-man defense.
Breck took their time on the offensive end. They passed the ball around the three-point line.
Minnehaha used a full court press. They also looked to trap the ball and take Breck out of the game
Both teams did a good job of taking time off the clock. Minnehaha continuously switched between
man-to-man and zone defense. They were able to keep Breck guessing on what type of defense they
were using.
Minnehaha’s pressure was kind of bothering Breck. It made the Breck players very nervous and
uncomfortable bringing the ball down the court.
Minnehaha looked to get the ball inside to John Pryor. Pryor camped out on the low block. He called
for the ball when he was on the block. Breck did a good job of putting pressure making him shoot over
Breck had a hard time making their shots. They were not going down for them. Breck didn’t give up
though. They kept battling and putting up shots that they thought would go in.
Breck called a timeout with 11:42 left in the first half. The score was Minnehaha 8 and Breck 2.
Minnehaha's Matthew Pryor got the ball early. He was their quick guard. Mathew was able to dribble
the ball down the length of the court and go in for an uncontested layups on a few different occasions.
Breck called a timeout with 9:15 left in the first half. The score was Minnehaha 17 and Breck 5.
Minnehaha continued to hit their shots late in the first half. They did a good job of getting everyone
involved in the offense.
Matthew Pryor was able to step up and knock down some deep three-point shots late in the half.
Breck called a timeout with 4:51 left. The score was Minnehaha 29 and Breck 12.
With 2:59 left John Culliton from Breck went up and tried to make a charge and then he fell back and
hit his head on the floor. Culliton walked off the court on his own power after being attended to by the
Minnehaha pulled off the full court press after that.
At halftime the score was Minnehaha Academy 43 and Breck 22.
Breck came out looking to attack the basket. They also wanted to keep Minnehaha off of the glass.
Minnehaha came out of the halftime cold. They couldn't make a shot to begin the second half.
Breck stayed in their zone defense. They continued to put pressure on the wings. Minnehaha was able
to handle the Breck pressure.
Breck made a run at Minnehaha in the second half as they strung some baskets together.
Minnehaha called a timeout with 11:30 left in the game with the score Minnehaha 44 and Breck 42.
Breck regained the lead. They had a three-point lead at 49-46 with 8:33 left to go. That is when
Minnehaha called a timeout.
The score went back and forth for a period of time midway through the second half. Each team traded
Breck's Tilyn Hollis dove on the floor after loose balls. Hollis also shot the ball well throughout the
game. Hollis knew where he was on the court and received the ball in spots on the court where he knew he was able to make his shot.
Minnehaha put on the full court press. They looked to turn Breck over. Minnehaha did just that.
Breck called a timeout with 5:43 left in regulation. The score was Minnehaha 59 and Breck 55.
Minnehaha continued to take their time on the offensive end. They wanted to take as much time off the
clock as they could.
Breck stepped up late in the second half and hit shots down the stretch. That was not enough however
as Minnehaha Academy was able to come away with the 73-63 victory over Breck.
I thought that both teams played very hard and competitive throughout the game. Breck did a good job
of coming back and was able to handle the adversity of being down. I thought that Minnehaha did a
good job of not cracking under the pressure of Breck. Both teams fought after loose balls and rebounds
throughout the game.
The leading scorer for Minnehaha was Matthew Pryor with 22 points. The leading scorers for Breck
were Michael Marec with 19 points and John Culliton with 17 points.

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