Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Maple Grove Crimson took on the St. Michael Albertville Knights in a boys' basketball game. It was a regional basketball contest.
Maple Grove came out with a quick start. They had a 6-2 lead with 16:54 left. That’s when St. Michael Albertville took their first timeout.
Maple Grove took their time with the ball on the offensive end. They used a lot of time off of the clock.
St. Michael Albertville used a zone defense. That made Maple Grove spread the floor out on the
offensive end.
Maple Grove’s James Morris found his shot early on. His teammates knew where he was on the court
and they were able to get him the ball where he would be able to make it.
The score went back and forth throughout the first half. St. Michael Albertville didn't back down to
Maple Grove.
Maple Grove kept on attacking the basket. They were able to step up and make shots.
At halftime the score was Maple Grove 37 and St. Michael Albertville 26.
As the second half got underway Maple Grove continued to move the ball around throughout their
Morris continued to attack the basket. He was able to knock down a few shots in a row midway through the second half.
Maple Grove continued to hit shots in the second half.
St. Michael Albertville didn't back down throughout the game.
Maple Grove called a timeout with 2:09 left in regulation. The score was Maple Grove 60 and St.
Michael Albertville 49.
Maple Grove went on a run to end the game out.
Maple Grove came away with the 70-51 victory over St. Michael Albertville.
The leading scorers for St. Michael Albertville were Michael Wiese 16 points and Michael Monney
with 13 points. St. Michael Albertville shot 19-50 from the field. That included going 6-22 from behind the thee-point line. They were 7-10 from the free throw line.
The leading scorers for Maple Grove were Matt Humphris with 18 points and Brycen Wojta with 23
points. Maple Grove shot 22-42 from the field, including going 7-16 from behind the three-point line.
They were 19-23 from the free throw line.

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