Sunday, March 13, 2011


Detroit Lakes took on Bemidji at St. Cloud State University.
Bemidji started the game out in a zone defense. They also looked to push the ball in transition.
Bemidji called a timeout with 15:20. The score was Detroit Lakes 6 and Bemidji 2.
Bemidji looked to get the ball into the hands of Carey Woods. Woods was all over the court on the
defensive end.
The score went back and forth throughout the first half.
Bemidji took their time on the offensive end. They wanted to take as much time off the clock as they
could. They were also able to score a few baskets in a row.
Detroit Lakes didn't back down. They kept their pressure on them.
Both teams traded baskets midway through the first half. The score went back and forth.
Bemidji stayed in zone defense for most of the first half.
The first half was very close. I thought that both teams were very evenly matched.
Both teams launched three-point shots late in the game. Neither team was able to make them but they
were putting them up.
Bemidji trapped Detroit Lakes in the full court. Detroit Lakes didn't know when they were going to get
At halftime the score was Detroit Lakes 37 and Bemidji 28.
Bemidji started the second half on fire as they were able sink a few long shots. Bemidji's Carey 

Woods knew where his teammates were on the floor. He was able to get them involved in the offense.
Detroit Lakes went on a run with just over 14:00 left. With 13:47 left in regulation the score was
Bemidji 41 and Detroit Lakes 40.
Bemidji stayed in their zone for most of the second half. There were only a few plays that they backed
out of it.
Detroit Lakes kept looking to get the ball inside and kept attacking the basket. They were able to come
up with some nice shots midway through the half.
The score was tied or went back and forth for a good portion of the second half.
The game came down to the wire. Detroit Lakes came away with the 68-65 victory over Bemidji.
The leading scorers for Bemidji were Carey Woods with 23 points, Ryan Rude with 18 points and 

Cody Rutledge with 13 points. Bemidji shot 22-54 from the field including 6-20 from behind the three-point line. They also shot 15-23 from the free throw line.
The leading scores for Detroit Lakes were Josh Staberger with 19 points, Joe Mollberg with 15 points
and Rick Hutchinson with 10 points. Detroit Lakes shot 28-51 from the field that included 5-16 from
behind the three-point line. They also shot 7-11 from the free throw line.

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