Sunday, March 13, 2011


Park Center traveled to Osseo for the Region 5 Class AAAA quarterfinal basketball game.
Osseo started the game out in a man-to-man defense. They looked to apply as much pressure on Park
Center as they could.
Both teams had a hard time getting their offensive going. Neither team could make a shot.
Osseo looked to take their time on the offensive end.
Park Center mostly used a zone defense. They looked to slow Osseo down when they had the ball.
Osseo called a timeout with 10:39 left in the first half. The score was Osseo 6 and Park Center 5.
Park Center looked to get the ball into the hands of Quinton Lee Hooker. Hooker was all over the court.
He knew where his teammates were on the court. He did a good job of getting them involved in the
The score went back and forth throughout the first half. Neither team was able to go on a run.
Hooker was able to drive to the basket uncontested. He was able to knock down some shots that kept
Park Center in the game.
Osseo switched between zone and man-to-man defense. That confused Park Center.
Park Center didn’t back down to the Osseo’s pressure. They kept on fighting back.
Park Center called a timeout with 1:14 left in the half. The score was Osseo 18 and Park Center 16.
Osseo wanted to control the tempo on the last play and go on a run to end the half.
In a low scoring first half, the halftime the score was Osseo 25 and Park Center 16.
As the second half got underway Osseo came out on fire. They were able to hit their shots that they
were putting up.
Park Center had a hard time making their shots.
Park Center called a timeout with 16:16 left in regulation with the score Osseo 30 and Park Center 21.
Park Center continued to look for Hooker. After that timeout Park Center went on a run.
Osseo still continued to look to push the ball down the court. They were also able to score baskets in
Osseo's Joey Curtis Sonnenfeld found his shot in the second half. Osseo also looked to get Darren
James Herbert the ball. Herbert took the ball strong to the basket and was able to sink some of his
Osseo went into their motion offense. They had a lot of movement with the basketball. Whoever had an
open shot was free to shoot the ball.
Park Center didn't back down. They kept fighting throughout the half. They got the score within 10 at
43-33 with 7:57 left to go.
Hooker let the ball fly from anywhere on the court. He was on from anywhere on the court. Herbert and
Hooker guarded each other.
Osseo took a timeout with 6:25 left in regulation. The score was Osseo 45 and Park Center 35.
Park Center made a late run with 6:00 left in the half. They looked to cut into the lead.
VanPelt got the ball and he was able to create a good pass to Sonnenfeld. Sonnenfeld finished the play.
VanPelt did a good job of getting the ball to teammates who were open.
Park Center trapped Osseo and that gave Osseo some problems. Osseo called a timeout with 2:13 left in regulation. The score was Osseo 53 and Park Center 39.
Osseo continued to take as much time off the clock as they could on the offensive end.
Osseo came away with the 57-43 quarterfinal victory over Park Center.
Osseo was lead in scoring by DJ Herbert with 17 points, Joey Curtis Sonnenfeld with 14 points and
Terez Wayne VanPelt with 13 points. Park Center was lead in scoring by Quinton Lee Hooker with 17
points and Kevin Handy with 11 points.

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