Monday, March 28, 2011


The Hopkins Royals took on the Eden Prairie Eagles in the class AAAA boys' basketball championship game.
The game got off to a slow start. Neither team was able to hit shots that they put up.
Hopkins Joe Coleman who will be going to the University of Minnesota picked up two fouls in the first four minutes of the game.
Eden Prairie’s Dylan Stewart picked up his second foul early in the game.
Marvin Singleton got nice easy shots. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball.
With 10:25 left in the first half the score was Hopkins 10 and Eden Prairie 8.
Eden Prairie's Grant Soderberg was able to drain a few deep three-point shots to keep his team in the
Hopkins Andre Travaris McDonald dove on the ground after loose balls.
With 6:13 left in the first half the score was tied at 19.
Joe Coleman came down and had a nasty two handed slam dunk. He was all over the court.
With 3:30 left in the first half the score was Hopkins 25 and Eden Prairie 23.
Chambers was able to knock down a few quick three-point shots. That kept Hopkins in the ball game.
At halftime the score was Hopkins 32 and Eden Prairie 28.
As the second half got underway Eden Prairie continued to push the ball down the court. They didn't
want to get into a running match with Hopkins. They looked to control the tempo.
Hopkins continued to make shots late in the game.
Eden Prairie continued to play strong defense throughout the half.
With 6:28 left in regulation the score was Hopkins 52 and Eden Prairie 44.
Eden Prairie didn't back down. They continued shoot shots and they tried to make a late game
With 3:55 left in regulation the score was Hopkins 54 and Eden Prairie 46.
Hopkins came way with the 62-54 victory over Eden Prairie.
That victory that made it their third straight state championship.
After the game I was able to talk to Hopkins’ players Joe Coleman, Marvin Singleton, Zach Stahl, and
Siyani Chambers and head coach Ken Novak Jr. about winning the class AAAA championship.

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