Monday, October 21, 2013


Benilde-St. Margaret's took on Minnetonka in the third game of the day. The game got off to a quick start as each team raced up and down the floor.  
Both teams looked to set a fast tempo. Benilde-St. Margaret's did a good job of getting the ball down the floor. They were able to make baskets in transition.
Benilde-St. Margaret's did a good job of taking time off of the clock by swinging the ball around the three-point line. Minnetonka switched up between man-to-man and zone defense as they wanted to confuse them on offense.
Minnetonka had a hard time hitting shots in the first half. The defensive pressure that Benilde-St. Margaret’s applied made it difficult for them to hit shots.
At halftime the score was Benilde-St. Margaret’s 45, Minnetonka 27.
Benilde-St. Margaret’s continued to attack the basket in the second half. They were able to make baskets in transition.
Minnetonka went to a zone defense midway through the second half. They wanted to slow the Benilde-St. Margaret’s offense down. Minnetonka was unsuccessful at doing that.
 Minnetonka continued to shoot the ball from spots where they thought that they would be able to make shots.
Both teams dove on the floor for loose balls on both ends of the court.
Minnetonka continued to struggle throughout the second half. Minnetonka went of fire late in the contest. They tied the game at 62 with just under four minutes left in regulation.
The game came down to the wire as the score went back and forth the last three minutes.
In a hard fought contest Benilde- Margaret’s came away with the 73-68 victory over Minnetonka.

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