Monday, October 21, 2013


In the second game of the day Breck took on Osseo. It took a while for each team to get into a shooting rhythm.  
Osseo did a good job of swinging the ball around the three-point line as they looked to take time off of the clock.
Osseo was able to get the ball into the hands of Ian Theisen, who was camped out on the low block calling for the ball. If Theisen thought that he could get an easy layup he would fake his guy out and take the ball hard to the basket.
Osseo guard Wheeler Baker was all over the court. He was able to set up the Osseo offense and was able to let his players know what spots they were supposed to be on the floor.
The Osseo defense slowed down the Breck offense. Breck had a hard time scoring baskets in the first half. Breck took a lot of shots but they were not able to hit shots that they took. They were not afraid to shoot the ball.
Osseo guard Allan Anderson also did a good job of bringing the ball down the floor and was able to get his team into an offensive rhythm.
At halftime the score was Osseo 34, Breck 15.
As the second half for underway Osseo continued to get the ball inside to Theisen who kept on going strong to the basket.  
Breck continued to struggle to shoot the ball. They attacked the basket but were not able to get their shots to shots to drop.
Baker was able to step up and nail some deep three-point shots midway through the second half.
Osseo was too much for Breck to handle. Osseo was quicker and was able to knock down shots throughout the game.
In the end Osseo came away with the 83-32 victory over Breck.

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