Thursday, October 31, 2013


Eden Prairie and Burnsville went up against each other in the Class AA third place girls’ state soccer game.  
Both teams seemed to come out with a lot of energy for the start. Both were talking on both ends of the field as they looked to move the ball down the field.
Burnsville’s Amanda Hartmann was all over the field. If she thought that she had a good shot on goal she was not afraid to shoot it. If she thought that her teammate had a better shot than her she would pass it to her and let her take it.
Both teams went after the ball. Neither team let up in the first half. Both goalkeepers stepped up in the first half by knocking down balls that flew into their direction.
Burnsville’s Mikayla Woebke came up with some nice plays for her team in the first half. She had a couple of nice shots on goal.
There was no score at halftime.
With 39:01 left in the second half Eden Prairie’s April Bockin found the back end of the net with the assist going to Brianna Lupo.
With that goal that made the score Eden Prairie 1, Burnsville 0.
Both teams continued to fight for the ball and look for shots late in the contest.
Burnsville found the back of the goal as Megan Engle scored a goal with the assist coming from
Amanda Hartmann with 16:38 left in regulation.
With that goal that tied the score at 1.
Neither Eden Prairie nor Burnsville scored again and the game ended in a 1-1 tie. Both teams were awarded third place.  

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