Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Osseo and Wayzata went up against each other in a boys’ basketball game in the Minnetonka Fall League. It took a while for each team to get into a shooting rhythm.
Osseo did a good job of moving the ball down the floor as they looked to get easy baskets in transition. Wayzata also did a good job of moving the ball around the three-point line to take time off of the clock and get into an offensive set that they wanted to.
The score went back and forth throughout the first half. Neither team went on a run.
Both teams got easy layups on fast breaks.
There were many ties and lead changes throughout the first half.  
The score at halftime was Osseo 27, Wayzata 17.
As the second half got underway Osseo continued to swing the ball around the three-point line to get into an offensive rhythm.
Wayzata came out of the halftime break flat. They were not able to get their shots to drop for a period of time.
Osseo switched between man-to-man and zone defense throughout the second half. That forced
Wayzata to make long shots that they had trouble making.
Osseo came away with the 52-38 victory over Wayzata.

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