Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Lakeville North and Burnsville went up against each other in a class AA semifinal soccer game as part of the Minnesota State High School Leagues girls’ state soccer tournament.
Both teams looked to move the ball well down the field with quickness. Both teams seemed to be in control when they had the ball in their zone.
Both teams kept the ball near the middle field for the most part. That is where most of the action appeared to happen. Once in a while the ball would go to the corners and it would be played from there.
Both teams seemed to know where the other team was going to kick the ball. Both teams got after the ball as they looked to score.
Lakeville North had some good looks at the goal but the Burnsville defense stepped up big as they were not to allow the ball into the net.
The score at halftime was tied at 0.
Both teams continued to kick the ball around the field in the second half. Both teams seemed to take care of the ball and valued each possession.  
Neither team gave up down the stretch.
Lakeville North’s Olivia Bruce found the back side of the goal with 6:08 left in regulation. There were a ton of players around her but she shot it and it went in.
With that goal that made the score Lakeville North 1, Burnsville 0.
In a hard fought game Lakeville North came away with the 1-0 victory over Burnsville.
With that victory Lakeville North will play either Eden Prairie or Minnetonka in the class AA championship game on Thursday.
After the game I was able to get Lakeville North head coach Bulut Ozturt’s thoughts on the game.

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