Sunday, January 1, 2012


Centennial took on Hutchinson in a boys' basketball game. Centennial came into the game with a record of 4-1. Hutchinson record was 1-4.

Hutchinson looked to set the tempo in the game. They looked to get the ball into the hands of Jacob Shimpa. Shimpa did a good job of running the offense. He knew where his teammates were supposed to be and called out plays.

The score went back and forth. Both teams took their time trying to figure out what the other team was going to do.

Hutchinson called a timeout with 10:23 left in regulation. The score was Centennial 24 and Hutchinson 15.

Jared Nelson for Centennial stepped up and knocked down some three point shots. He was not afraid to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court.

Hutchinson used a zone defense and they looked to spread Centennial out on the offensive end.

Centennial went on a run late in the first half. Hutchinson didn't panic. They continued to pass the ball around the three point line as they looked for their shots.

At halftime the score was Centennial 38 and Hutchinson 27.

Centennial looked to get the ball into the hands of Mitchell Kuck. Kuck was all over the floor. When he got the ball he would shoot it and more than likely it would go in. They were also able to get the ball into the hands of Jared Nelson who was not afraid to shoot it.

Hutchinson got everyone in the offense. Everyone was able to take the ball to the basket.

Centennial went on a run midway through the second half. Hutchinson had a hard time hitting their shots.

Centennial came away with the 71-53 victory over Hutchinson.

The leading scorers for Hutchinson were Nicholas Hauer with 12 points, Zachary Miner with 10 points and Phillip Kuball with 9 points. Hutchinson shot 18-52 from the field . That included going 8-19 from behind the three-point line. They were 9-12 from the free throw line.

The leading scorers for Centennial were Mitchell Kuck with 26 points and Jared Nelson with 23 points.
Centennial shot 28-56 from the field. That included going 7-16 from behind the three-point line. They were 8-12 from the free throw line. 

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