Sunday, January 22, 2012


Milwaukee Riverside went up against Hopkins in a boys' basketball game. University of Minnesota head men's basketball coach Tubby Smith and his assistant coaches were in the building watching the game.

Hopkins started the game in a man-to-man defense. They looked to set the tempo of the game from the start.

Hopkins got the ball into the hands of Jamal Dale Davis. Davis was all over the court. On the offensive end he was able to get to the basket.

For Riverside Shomari Triggs took the ball hard to the basket. His teammates knew where he was on the floor and got him the ball where they knew he could make it. He hit both the two and three-point shots well.

Hopkins was able to bother the Riverside players with their smothering full court press.

Andre Travaris McDonald for Hopkins took the ball hard to the basket. He knew where his teammates were on the floor and got them involved in the offense.

Hopkins Kamali Chambers knocked down some deep three-point shots to keep his team in the game.

Hopkins went on a run midway through the first half. Riverside had trouble hitting shots.

Hopkins Zachary Stahl was all over the court on the offensive end. He hit his shots.

At halftime the score was Hopkins 64 and Riverside 25.

Hopkins started the second half on fire. They kept on hitting shot. Riverside didn't back down. They were tough and fought hard.

Both teams dove on the floor for loose balls. There were many tie jump balls.

Jacob Wright for Hopkins hit shots. He was not afraid to shoot the ball. His teammates found him and he was able to knock down shots.

Hopkins came away with the 91-58 victory over Milwaukee Riverside.

The leading scorers for Milwaukee Riverside were Phillip Nolan with 13 points, De'Andre Downey with 9 points, and Bakari Triggs and Jalen Currie both with 8 points. The leading scorers for Hopkins were Siyani Chambers with 20 points, Jacob Wright and Zachary Stahl each with 18 points, and Demitrius Martin with 17 points.

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