Monday, January 30, 2012


Totino-Grace from Fridley, Minnesota took on Minneapolis Washburn in a boys' basketball game.

Totino-Grace jumped out to a quick 7-3 lead with 15:00 left in the first half.

Washburn's Dwight Anderson hit some big three-point shots to start the game. Anderson was all over the floor. On the offensive end he was able to blow by his defenders and get to the basket.

Both teams pushed the ball down the court well. They were able to get easy baskets in transition.

Washburn went on a run midway through the first half. Totino-Grace was not able to hit shots.

Charles Smith nailed some key deep three-point shots for Washburn.

Andrew Mortiko for Totino-Grace made some nice layups. He kept his team in the game.

Washburn went on a run to end the first half.

At halftime the score was Washburn 43 and Totino-Grace. 29.

Washburn continued to pound the ball down the court. Totino-Grace made it difficult for Washburn to hit their shots.

Totino-Grace stayed in their zone defense. Washburn did a good job of getting through the zone defense.

Totino-Grace went on a run with 15:00 left in regulation. Washburn stood their ground though.

Nick Carr came up with some key baskets in the paint for Totino-Grace. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball when he was open.

Totino Grace never gave up. I thought that both teams played hard the entire game.
Washburn was able to get steals on the defensive end and brought them down and scored on the offensive end.

Totino-Grace got to within 5 points with 5:30 left in regulation.

Washurn went on a run to end the game.

It was a game that had a lot of action and was a hard fought battle from the start. Washburn came away with the 81-62.

The leading scorers for Totino-Grace were Andrew Moriko with 13 points and Nice Carr with 29 points.

The leading scorers for Washburn were Dwight Anderson with 23 points and Jerry Pratt with 12 points.

To see photo coverage of this game, go to f/go.

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