Sunday, January 22, 2012


Former Penn State University head football coach Joseph Vincent "Joe" Paterno has passed a way due to cancer.

According to ESPN, “Paterno's son Scott said on November 18, 2012 that his father was being treated for lung cancer. The cancer was diagnosed during a follow-up visit for a bronchial illness. A few weeks after that revelation, Paterno also broke his pelvis after a fall but did not need surgery.”

Paterno was an assistant coach for the 1950-1965 seasons. Then he became the head coach in 1966 through 2011.

At the beginning of the 2011 football season there was a sex abuse scandal that rocked Penn State University and one of his former assistant coaches. On January 12, 2012 the Penn State board of trustees fired Paterno in the wake of the sex abuse scandal that sent shock waves through Penn State.

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