Sunday, January 1, 2012


The Woodbury Royals took on Roseville Raiders in a boys' basketball game. Woodbury came into the game with a record of 5-2. Roseville had a record of 5-1.

Both teams started in zone defense. Roseville's Logan Donald Brown shot the first three-point basket of the game. His teammates looked to get the ball into his hands early and often.

Roseville went to a full court press. They wanted to put as much pressure on Woodbury as they could and make it hard for them to bring it down the court.

Both teams traded baskets in the early goings. Neither team was able to go on a run. The defensive pressure that each team used made it difficult for them to make shots.

Mackenzie Johnson was all over the court for Roseville. He was able to find his shot early and often.

Roseville did a good job of scoring baskets in transition. After Woodbury scored a basket they would get it out of the basket and bring it down the other end.

Roseville's Emeche Wells went after rebounds on both ends of the floor. He grabbed the ball and took it strong to the basket.

Woodbury stayed in their zone defense. That made Roseville have to swing the ball around the three-point line to take time off the clock.

Roseville's Rickey Suggs made some nice passes to his teammates. Suggs also took the ball hard to the basket if he knew that he had an open look at the basket.

Woodbury's Robert Claypool was able to beat his guy off the dribble and made some nice layups for his team.

Brown was so smooth with the ball. He knows the game so well and has good court awareness. On the defensive end he was able to make his defender change his path of attack to the basket. Brown guarded different guys throughout the course of contest.

Roseville took a timeout with 5:48 left in the first half. The score was Woodbury 27 and Roseville 26.

Suggs was not afraid to shoot the long three-point shot. He was able to get some of his three-point shots to drop in the first half.

At halftime the score was Roseville 43 and Woodbury 39.

Roseville got the ball to start the second half. Jordan Burich scored on a layup for Roseville on the first play of the half.

Johnson continued to shoot the ball well. His teammates knew where he was on the floor at all times and kept on feeding him the ball. Johnson was not afraid to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court.

Connor Mckeen made lay-up after lay-up for Woodbury to start the second half. The second half started out on a good clip as each team traded baskets and the score went back and forth just like the first half did.

Roseville took a timeout with 14:26 left in regulation. The score was Woodbury 48 and Roseville 45.

Brown continued to drop long three-point shots in the second half. He was not to be out done by Suggs who got hot in the second half.

Woodbury went on a run with just under 12:00 left in regulation. Roseville had a hard time stopping the Woodbury guys going to the basket.

Roseville went to a full court press. They wanted to make it hard for Woodbury to make their shots.

Woodbury kept on attacking the basket. They were not afraid to take it hard to the basket. Everyone on the team was involved in the offense.

Woodbury called a timeout with 6:40 left in regulation. The score was Woodbury 69 and Roseville 60.

Roseville looked to penetrate the zone and looked for shots in the paint. The Woodbury defense was too much for Roseville to handle.

In a hard fought game Woodbury came away with the 89-75 victory over Roseville.

The leading scorers for Woodbury were Renard Suggs with 33 points and Connor McKeen with 20 points. The leading scorers for Roseville were Mackenzie Johnson with 29 points, Emeche Wells with 15 points and Logan Donald Brown with 12 points.

I was joined by the Czar from Twin Cities Boys' Hoops. Check out his thoughts on the Woodbury vs. Roseville game.

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