Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The Hopkins Royals traveled to Eden Prairie to take on the Eagles in a boys' basketball game. Hopkins came into the game with an overall record of 15-1. Eden Prairie had a record of 13-3.

Siyani Chambers launched a deep three-point shot to give Hopkins the first points of the game.

Hopkins looked to get the ball into the hands of Zachary Stahl. Stahl was camped out on the low block asking for the ball. His teammates knew where he was.

Hopkins jumped out to a quick 9-0 lead with 14:23 left in the first half. That is when Eden Prairie called their first timeout.

Eden Prairie's Sander Mohn hit the first basket with 13:30 left in the first half. That made the score 12-2.

Andre Wallace brought the ball down the floor for Eden Prairie. He wanted to get by his defenders but the defense that Hopkins played made it difficult to do.

Jamal Dale Davis for Hopkins came up with some nice steals. He was not only able to score off the steals, he got fouled and made his free-throws.

Eden Prairie called a timeout with 9:01 left in the first half. The score was Hopkins 20 and Eden Prairie 6.

Eden Prairie’s Abrian Carpenter was all over the court. He was able to get rebounds. Carpenter ran the offense and got his teammates involved in the game.

Eden Prairie didn't give up in the first half. They kept on battling Hopkins. Eden Prairie did a good job of trying to look for their shots.

Siyani Chambers nailed a half court three-point shot as the buzzer sounded to end the first half.

At halftime the score was Hopkins 46 and Eden Prairie 27.

Hopkins did a good job of finishing plays in transition. They had a lot of fast break opportunities and they were able to score on a majority of them.

Wallace was all over the floor. He was not afraid to shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor.

Hopkins went to a full court press and that raised all sorts of problems for Eden Prairie. The Eden Prairie guards had a very difficult time bringing the ball down the court.

Hopkins kept the defensive pressure on the whole game.

Eden Prairie went on a run midway through the second half. Hopkins called a timeout with 12:38 left in regulation. The score was Hopkins 54 and Eden Prairie 35.

Hopkins looked to kill the clock as much as they could after that timeout. They would dribble around the three-point line and get as many passes in as they could before they shot the ball.

Eden Prairie went on a run and Hopkins had difficulty shooting for a period of time.

Hopkins called a timeout with 10:53 left in regulation. The score was Hopkins 52 and Eden Prairie 41.

Eden Prairie switched up between zone and man-to-man defense to try to confuse Hopkins.

Hopkins went back to a half court man-to-man defense.

In a good game and a fun contest to watch, Hopkins came away with the 76-59 victory over Eden Prairie.

The leading scorers for Hopkins were Nicholas Jorgenson with 19 points, Siyani Chambers with 18 points, Demitrius Martin with 15 points, and Zachary Stahl with 11 points. Hopkins shot 30-50 from the field that included going 6-13 from behind the three-point line. They shot 10-13 from the free-throw line. Hopkins brought down 27 total rebounds including 21 on the defensive end.

The leading scorers for Eden Prairie were Sander Mohn and Andre Wallace with 17 each. Eden Prairie shot 22-59 from the field that included going 9-19 from behind the three-point line. They shot 6-7 from the free-throw line. Eden Prairie brought down 33 total rebounds including 16 on the defensive end.

Bud Grant, the father of the Eden Prairie Athletic Director Mike Grant, was in the building watching the game along with Sid Hartman. Dave Lee from WCCO radio was also watching the game with them.

I was joined by the Twin Cities Hoop Czar. Check out his thoughts of Hopkins vs. Eden Prairie game.

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