Monday, January 23, 2012


Hopkins went up against St. Paul Johnson in a boys' basketball contest. Going into the game Hopkins had a record of 12-1. Johnson had a record of 6-5.

Both teams looked to get the ball down the court as quickly as they could. They each wanted to set the tempo early.

Hopkins took their time of the offensive end. They passed the ball around the three-point line. Hopkins looked to get the ball into the hands of Siyani Chambers. Chambers was all over the court.

Hopkins Andre Travaris McDonald was all over the floor. He hit shots and strongly drove to the basket.

Marcus Marteze Marshall took the ball hard to the basket. He was not afraid to shoot the ball.

Both teams did a good job of pushing the ball down the court. The pace was quick.

Hopkins moved the ball well on offense. Zachary Stahl had a nice slam dunk that gave his team energy. On the defensive end he was able to slow down the guys he defended.

The score was close throughout the first half. Neither team went on a run.

Hopkins switched between man-to-man and zone defense. They were able to keep Johnson guessing at what defense that they were playing.

At halftime the score was Hopkins 44 and Johnson 39.

At 16:04 left in regulation there was a huge shoving match that broke out. After order was restored the game went on as normal.

The game was very physical on both ends of the floor. Both teams gave it everything that they had.

Hopkins went on a little run midway through the second half. Johnson had a hard time making shots for a period of time.

Jamal Dale Davis for Hopkins made shots. His teammates knew where he was on the floor and they got him the ball.

I thought that both teams played well throughout the whole game. Johnson didn't back down to Hopkins.

Hopkins came away with the 99-83 victory over Johnson. 

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