Monday, March 12, 2012


Makhi Taylor Moore was born in St. Louis Park, Minnesota on October 10, 1995. He has one brother named Myles.

What is the spelling of your full name?
Makhi Taylor Moore

Where were you born?
St. Louis Park

When where you born?
October 10 1995

Do you have any brothers and sisters?
One brother his name is Myles.

What grade are you in this year
I am a Junior this year.

When you graduate?
I graduate in 2013.

What sports do you play?
Basketball right now.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Brooklyn Park.

What does basketball mean to you?
“Basketball means a lot to me and I am very thankful to God I have the opportunity to play this sport. Basketball is an escape from my life. I have been playing basketball basically my whole life and I enjoy it a lot. I know there is not a mistake that I am playing this game. And I like watching basketball.”

What are your plans for this upcoming summer?
“Right now I am planning on playing AAU basketball with Howard Pulley that I played for last year. And working on my game every day to be the best I can be and make big improvements.”

Do you play any other sports?
Right now I am considering running track, not sure right now.

What school you go to?
I go to St. Louis Park.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
My parent’s names are Anthony and Kim. They have always been there for me and support me in everything I do. I love them for that. I have a brother name Myles and we are about 2 years apart we are real close and I learn a lot from him. And he is the best brother I could have. Without them I wouldn’t be here today. Right now I am just trying to be the best player I can be and that comes with being consistent. I know that I have to work hard every single day because there is someone else working too. I have a lot of potential to be great and I am going to work hard so I don’t waste it.

What’s your nationality?
I am African American.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Work on my game as much as I can.
Watch TV, video games, and hang out.

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