Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The Moorhead boys' basketball team traveled to Minneapolis for a basketball game against Minneapolis DeLaSalle Islanders. Going into the game DeLaSalle had a record of 19-5 and Moorhead had a record of 15-8.

DeLaSalle made their first few shots to take a quick 6-0 lead. This prompted Moorhead to call a timeout so the team to gather their composure. The game was only 3:41 old when Moorhead call their timeout.

The Spuds looked to get the ball into the hands of Aaron Lien. Lien had been their go to guy throughout the season and so the Spuds stayed true to form while the Islanders looked to get the ball into the hands of Luke Scott. Luke had been one of the top scores for the Islanders all year.

Troy May Jr. took the ball hard to the basket for DeLaSalle. He stepped up and hit a few shots. On the defensive end he proved to be a valuable defender. The Islanders went on a run late in the first half which prompted Moorhead to call a timeout with 5:56 left in the first half. The score was DeLaSalle 25 and Moorhead 17.

For the remainder of the first half Lien was all over the court which allowed him to keep his team in the game. The Islanders scored 14 more points while the Spuds only managed to score 6 more before the half. The halftime the score was Minneapolis DeLaSalle 39 and Moorhead 23.

DeLaSalle's Reid Travis was ready to play in this game. His presence was felt on both ends of the court. His teammates did a good job of finding him for scoring opportunities. He was able to score from both inside and from behind the three-point line.

The spuds were simply outmanned throughout the game. They called a timeout with 14:24 left in regulation. The score was DeLaSalle 50 and Moorhead 28.

The Islanders went to a full court press and that gave Moorhead significant problems in running their offense. The Spuds were not able to handle the DeLaSalle pressure. Moorhead called a timeout with 11:16 left in regulation. The score was DeLaSalle 58 and Moorhead 31.

Despite some nifty plays on the part of the Spuds, they simply did not have the talent to play with the Islanders. De LaSalle’s athleticism led to many fast-break opportunities.

The Islander proved to be too much to handle on both ends of the court for the Spuds to handle. As a result they came away with the 79-39 victory over Moorehead.

The leading scorers for DeLaSalle were Reid Travis with 30 points, Luke Scott with 14 points and Jarvis Johnson with 9 points. The leading scorers for Moorhead were Aaron Lein with 14 points and Austin Nelson contributed 13 points.

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