Thursday, March 1, 2012


The Minneapolis DeLaSalle Islanders traveled over to Minneapolis Patrick Henry High School for a boys' basketball game. Going into the game DeLaSalle had a record of 18-5. Henry's record was 11-10. Going into this game it had been a good rivalry between these two schools.

Both teams had a lot of energy and they looked to push the ball in transition. It took a while for each of these teams to get into a shooting rhythm.

DeLaSalle set up in a full court press and that made it difficult for Henry to get the ball across half court.

Henry called a timeout with 16:44 left in the first half. The score DeLaSalle 4 and Henry 0.

Henry's Darius Hill directed his team on the offensive end. He instructed his teammates where he wanted them to go on the court.

Henry had a hard time scoring baskets. They were not able to make shot that they put up. The Henry players didn't get frustrated. They just kept on shooting.

DeLaSalle looked to get the ball into the hands of Tyler Moore. Moore was all over the court on the offensive end.

DeLaSalle called a timeout with 9:49 left in the first half. The score was DeLaSalle 16 and Henry 11.

Henry switched defenses between man-to-man and zone. They wanted to confuse DeLaSalle on the offensive end.

Henry's Tim Duprey Gill was a force on the low block. He and Reid Travis went after rebounds on both ends of the floor. Gill was also able to get some nice layups.

Jeffery Lenord Bonds for DeLaSalle came off the bench and provided an offensive and emotional spark. He was all over the floor going after loose balls.

DeLaSalle called a timeout with 2:39 left in the first half. The score was DeLaSalle 24 and Henry 17.

Both teams shot the ball well late in the half.

At halftime the score was DeLaSalle 34 and Henry 20.

DeLaSalle's Luke Scott was all over the place. On the offensive end he hit shots. On the defensive end Scott was able to slow down the guy he was guarding and made it hard for him to hit shots.

DeLaSalle was able to score quick baskets in transition. They were too quick for Henry.

Henry called a timeout with 13:16 left in regulation. The score was DeLaSalle 44 and Henry 28.

DeLaSalle took a lot of time off the clock.

Henry head coach Deane Brown received a technical for arguing a call with 7:00 left in regulation. After the free throws the score was DeLaSalle 55 and Henry 36.

DeLaSalle was too quick for Henry. DeLaSalle came away with the 76-58 victory over Henry.

The leading scorers for Henry were Darius Hill with 27 points and Matt Rovinson with 11 points.

The leading scorers for DeLaSalle were Luke Scott with 23 points and Reid Travis had 13 points.

I was joined by the Twin Cities Hoops Czar. Check out his thoughts of the DelaSalle vs. Henry game. I was also joined by Aaron Edwards from MYSM. Check out his thoughts of the DeLaSalle vs. Henry game.

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