Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Minneapolis Washburn took on St. Paul Johnson in the boys' basketball varsity Twin Cities Championship game. Johnson won the St. Paul City conference and Washburn won the Minneapolis City conference title.

The game got off to a quick start as each team hit quick jump shots. Both teams looked to score baskets in transition. Johnson was able to score easy lay-ups. Washburn didn't give up as they were in the game throughout the first half.

Washburn was not able to hit shots at the beginning of the game, nothing seem to fall for them.

Johnson looked to get easy jump shots in their offense. They are a quick team and they looked to get past the Washburn defenders Johnson looked to get the ball into to the hands of Marshall their top scorer who was all over the floor. On the offensive end he was able to get by his defenders and was able to get some easy lay-ups.

The score went back and forth in the first half. Neither team got easy shots as the defensive pressure was hard to handle for each team. Johnson was able to keep the pressure up on Washburn.

At halftime the score was Johnson 49 and Washburn 48.

Washburn started out in a half court zone defense to start the second half. Johnson went to a half court man-to-man defense. Johnson called a timeout with 15:05 left in regulation. The score was Washburn 56 and Johnson 50.

Both teams continued to look to push the ball and get shots in transition. They were both successful at doing that. The game was well played and the athleticism of both teams was truly on display. The guards for both teams controlled the tempo and pushed the ball when the opportunity presented itself.

Quashingm Smith-Pugh was all over the court on the offensive end. Johnson went on a 17-2 run to and they came back from being 12 points down. The score was Johnson 69 and Washburn 66 with 10:00 left in regulation. Washburn continued to take the ball hard to the basket.

Washburn didn't like what they saw on the court. Washburn called a timeout with 8:30 left in regulation. The score was Johnson 74 and Washburn 68. Marshall tripped and slipped in front of the Johnson bench. Johnson called a timeout with 6:58 left to go in regulation. The score was Johnson 76 and Washburn 70.

Neither team quit down the stretch. I thought that both teams put it all on the line. These were truly the two best teams in the twin cities area. The game came down to the wire. Neither team gave up easy shots in late in the game.

Washburns' Jerry Pratt hits a shot at the buzzer to give Washburn a 90-89 victory over Johnson

The leading scorer for Johnson was Marcus Marteze Marshall with 30 points.

The leading scorer for Washburn was Jerry Pratt with 25 points. 

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