Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Anoka Ramsey Community College hosted the 2012 Minnesota Community Athletic Conference State Tournament. In the consolation final Northland took on Mesabi Range Community College.

Mesabi Range started out in a zone defense. Both teams looked to get into their shooting rhythm early.
It took a while for each team to get used to what the other one was playing. Mesabi found the range early. Northland called a timeout with 16:58 left in the first half. The score was Mesabi Range 5 and Northland 0.

Both teams employed multiple defensive coverage changing between man-to-man and multiple zone settings on the defensive end.

Mesibi Range looked to get the ball inside to their bigs. While his teammates fed Torrie White in low block he was able to convert them into lay-ups from the low block. Torrie just brought his lunch and camped out in the low box area.

After Northland came to life midway through the first half, they went on a run. Mesabi Range didn't panic. Both teams stepped up their defensive pressure and neither team gave up easy baskets.

Mesabi Range stayed in the zone defense for a majority of the first half. They were affective in forcing Northland to shoot long range jump shots. Northland clawed their way back into the game. They were within one point with just under 4:00 left in the first half but Mesabi Range continued to attack the basket and were able to hit shots.

At halftime the score was Northland 26 and Mesabi Range 20.

Northland started the second half in a zone defense, it easy to understand since they were effective in the zone in the first half. Mesabi Range stayed in there zone defensive front as well. The score went back and forth throughout the second half. Neither team went on a run early in the half. They each did a good job of staying within themselves. Both teams traded baskets for a period of time.

Northland did a good job of looking for their shots in the second half. They swung the ball around the three-point line as they took time off the clock. Darris Washington did a good job of running the offense. Washington looked to get the ball into his center who took it hard to the basket.

Riverland called a timeout with 8:17 left in regulation. The score was Northland 48 and Mesabi Range 39. Mesabi Range looked to push the ball down the court. They also looked to score lay-ups in transition. Northland was able to keep up with Mesabi Range in transition.

Mesabi Range did a good job of penetrating the zone. They were able to get the ball into their big man. Riverland did a good job of adjusting in the zone defense when Mesabi Range swung the ball around the three-point line.

Northland was not afraid to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court. As the court opened up for them their players for able to get good looks at the basket.

Mesabi Range called a timeout with 3:23 left in regulation. The score was Northland 55 and Mesabi Range 51.

Coming out of the timeout Northland continued to burn the clock. Mesabi got out of the zone and went to a man-to-man defense in attempts to get some quick steals and easy baskets off of any turnovers.
The game came down to the wire. Both of these teams played hard throughout the game. Neither team gave up easy shots.

Northland came away with the 61-54 victory over Mesabi Range.

The leading scorers for Mesabi Range were Markees Walker with 12 points, and William Reyes, Jordan Deutsch and Nick Riley all with 8 points. They shot 20-56 from the field that included going 8-25 from behind the three-point line. They were 6-6 from the free throw line.

The leading scorers for Northland were Derrick Yeager with 16 points, Justin Knudson with 13 points and Dominic Long with 10 points. Northland shot 24-58 from the field that included going 6-18 from behind the three-point line. They shot 7-16 from the free throw line.

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