Monday, March 19, 2012


The Sauk Centre Mainstreeters went up against the Worthington Trojans at the Target Center in a girls' basketball quarterfinal game. Going into to the game the Mainstreeters had a record of 25-4. The Trojans had a record of 19-7.

The game got off to a slot start as each team had difficulty hitting shots. They were not used to playing in a big venue like the Target Center.

After a few adjustments the Mainstreeters took a quick 10-2 lead with 12:54 left in the first half. That is when the Trojans called its first timeout to calm everyone down.

The Trojans kept ran their offense looking for openings in the middle or around the perimeter. They did a good job or taking care of the ball.

The Mainstreeters controlled the pace of the game from the outset. They didn't let the Trojans get any shots up. The Trojans were putting up shots but nothing was falling. Their shot attempts were not horrible as much as their shooting skills were simply not good enough.

The Trojans were simply unable to muster any offense in the first half. Most of it has to be attributed to the good defense that was played by the Mainstreeters.

It looked like to me that Sauk Center knew what their opponents plays and were well prepared to defend their opponents offensive sets.

The Trojans called a timeout with 6:03 left in the first half. The score was Sauk Centre 23 and Worthington 7.

Worthington came to life after the timeout. The Trojans put up 16 points in the remaining minutes of the first half and held the Mainstreeters to only 8 points in the final 6 minutes.

At halftime the score was Worthington 22 and Sauk Centre 31.

There was no crowd energy throughout the game. The crowd was thin and there was very little support shown at this game. Sauk Centre was up big and they cruised throughout the game. Sauk Centre ran its offensive sets and took good shots down the stretch.

Worthington was not able to hit enough shots to stay in the game. Mackenzie Gerber played well for the Trojans but it was not enough to bring home the win.

Sauk Centre came away with the 65-51 victory over Worthington.

The leading scores for Worthington were Mackenzie Gerber with 18 points, Kristen Anderson with 15 points, and Bernadette Boever with 8 points. They shot 18-58 from the field or a paltry 31%. That included going 1-12 or an atrocious .08% from behind the three-point line. They were 14-25 from the free-throw line.

The leading scorers for Sauk Centre were Kali Peschel with 14 points, Macy Weller with 13 points and Ashley Gruber with 12 points. They shot 23-55 from the field or a respectable 42%. That included going 7-19 from behind the three-point line which was 37 percent.. They were 12-27 from the free-throw line.

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