Sunday, February 1, 2015


Andover and Eastview squared off in a boys’ basketball game. Andover started the game in a zone defense. They wanted to spread the Eastview offense out.

Eastview also started in a zone defense. Eastview got everyone involved in the offense. Eastview was able to score baskets in transition.

Andover’s Tyler Goltz came up with mid-range jump shots in the first half. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball in spots where he could hit shots.

Both teams took a lot of time off the clock in the first half. Eastview worked the ball around the 3-point line and looked to get the ball inside to the low post players usually Sean Ryan and Keegan Dickson who both were able to come up with layups. Eastview’s Drew Gubert also was able to step up and knock down deep 3-point shots. 

At halftime the score was Eastview 30, Andover 13. 

As the second half got underway Eastview continued to push the ball down the floor and score baskets in transition. 

Andover contained to have difficulty scoring in the second half. 

Eastview came up with fast break layups in the second half. Andover had difficulty hitting shots in the second half. 

Andover struggled to shoot the ball throughout the game. Andover’s Goltz and Nick Eilason both were able to hit their layups and mid-range jump shots throughout the game. 

Eastview came away with the 67-38 victory over Andover. 

Scoring for Eastview were, Guebert 16, Manson Carpenter 10, Sean Ryan 10, Keegan Dickson 8, Alex Bangh 7, Martin Mitchell 5 and Obi Ibeneme with 5 points. 

Scoring for Andover were, Eliason 13, Jake McNallan 7, Goltz 6, Corbin Johnson 4, Blake Hartmann 4, Nick McCready 2, and Zach Swanson 2 points.

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