Sunday, February 1, 2015


Lake Preston squared off against Hanson at the Sanford Penton on Jan. 3.

Hanson started in zone defense. Hanson looked to push the ball down the floor and score baskets in transition. Hanson’s Sam Vander Stouwe was all over the floor on the offensive end. He was able to get to the basket and make mid-range jump shots and layups.

Lake Preston had a difficult time shooting the ball in the first quarter. 

After one quarter of play the score was Hanson 20, Lake Preston 4.

Lake Preston looked to score baskets in transition early in the second quarter.

After a slow start by Lake Preston they came up with mid-range jump shots and layups in the second quarter.

At halftime the score was Hanson 34, Lake Preston 14.  

As the third quarter got underway Hanson continued to shoot the ball well. They shut down the Lake
Preston offense and were able to come up with mid-range jump shots and layups.

After three quarters of play the score was Hanson 64, Lake Preston 24.

Hanson was too quick for Lake Preston. Lake Preston had difficulty scoring the ball.

Hanson’s Tylor Nichols and Jordon Marquardt came up with huge baskets throughout the game. The defense had a hard time slowing them down while they shot the ball.

Hanson came up with the 78-33 victory over Lake Preston.

The leading scorers for Lake Preston was Brock Bumann with 17 points.

The leading scorers for Hanson were Nichols with 31 points and Marquardt with 20 points.

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