Sunday, February 1, 2015


On Jan. 6, St. Croix Lutheran and Fridley went up against each other in a boys’ basketball game.

Going into the game St. Croix Lutheran had a record of 9-1 while Fridley’s record was 6-3.

Fridley looked to push the ball down the floor and wanted to spread the St. Croix Lutheran defense out. They were not afraid to shoot a lot of 3-point shots early.

Both teams took a lot of time off the clock early. Fridley was able to get the ball inside to their post players.

Fridley’s Teathloach Pal came up with mid-range jump shots and layups in the first half. He was not afraid to take the defender off the dribble and looked to get to the basket.

St. Croix Lutheran played zone throughout the first half. Fridley did a good job of attacking the zone.

Fridley did take a lot of time off the clock in the zone.

St. Croix Lutheran’s Abe Lamu drove to the basket and was able to make layups that he took.

St. Croix Lutheran called a timeout with 9:57 left in the first half. The score was Fridley 16, St. Croix Lutheran 10.

Fridley was able to step up and knock down deep 3-point shots. They were able to get everyone involved in the offense.

St. Croix Lutheran struggled to shoot midway through the first half. They were able to get the ball into the hands of Lamu who continued to make layups.

At halftime the score was St. Croix Lutheran 24, Fridley 23.

As the second half got under way St. Croix Lutheran got their shots to fall. Fridley called a timeout with 15:35 left in regulation. The score was St. Croix Lutheran 29, Fridley 26.

The score went back and forth midway through the second half. Neither team went on a run in the second half.

Fridley got into a scoring rhythm in the second half. They stepped up and were able to knock down mid-range jump shots.

St. Croix Lutheran’s Tommy Metcalf was all over the floor. On the offensive end he came up with deep 3-point baskets and got the lead late in the game.

St. Croix Lutheran came away with the 54-47 victory over Fridley.

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