Sunday, February 1, 2015


St. Thomas More went up against Sioux Valley in a boys’ basketball game. It took a while for each teams to get into a scoring rhythm. 

In a very slow moving first quarter the score after one quarter of play the score was Sioux Valley 11, St. Thomas More 8. 

Sioux Valley’s Austin Deibert came up with mid-range jump shots and layups in the second quarter. 

The defense had a hard time of slowing him down. 

Sioux Valley came up with big shots from Trevor Olson. 

Both teams took a lot of time off the shot clock. Both teams knew what the other team seemed to be doing on both ends of the floor. They were evenly matched. 

At halftime the score was Sioux Valley 18, St. Thomas More 15. 

As the third quarter got underway the score went back and forth.
St. Thomas More came up with mid-range jump shots in the third quarter. 

After three quarters of play the score was St. Thomas More 30, Sioux Valley 26. 

The score was close throughout the fourth quarter. Neither team went on run throughout the game. 

St. Thomas More’s Jake Satter, and Isaac Kortemeyer came up with layups and jump shots throughout the game. They knew were able to get Satter and Kortmeyer the ball in spots where they could make shots.

St. Thomas More came away with the 42-37 victory over Sioux Valley. 

St. Thomas More was lead in scoring by Satter with 15 points. 

Sioux Valley was lead in scoring by Deibert with 12 points.

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