Sunday, February 1, 2015


Henry Sibley and Hopkins squared off in a boys’ basketball game. Hopkins started in a zone defense. They wanted to make Henry Sibley deep 3-point baskets.

Hopkins John Warren came up with mid-range jump shots and layups. He even threw down a couple of slam dunks.

Henry Sibley struggled to shoot the ball. They looked to make layups and mid-range jump shots but they had difficulty making shots. Henry Sibley’s Nile Clem came up with jump shots early in the game.

Hopkins came up with steals and was able to make layups off of the steals. Hopkins Xaiver Johnson stepped up and was able to hit mid-range jump shots from the paint. The Henry Sibley defense had a hard time slowing Johnson down on offense.

The score at halftime was Hopkins 41, Henry Sibley 14.

As the second half got underway Hopkins Vincent Shahid came up layups and mid-range jump shots.

Hopkins continued to push the ball down the floor and make layups in transition.  

Henry Sibley looked to get baskets in their offense but they had difficulties hitting shots.

Hopkins came away with the 78-35 victory over Henry Sibley.

Hopkins was lead in scoring by Warren with 18 points, Wright with 12 points and Johnson with 12 points.

Henry Sibley was lead in scoring by Clem with 8 points.

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