Sunday, February 1, 2015


On Jan. 8, Osseo went up against Elk River in a boys’ basketball game. Elk River looked to score baskets in transition early. 

Elk River looked to get the ball into the hands of Zeke Delian and Trent Pink. Both Delian and Pink were able to come up with layups in transition. 

Osseo played mostly man-to-man in the first half. 

Elk River was able to score baskets in transition. They were able to come up with layups throughout the first half. 

Osseo’s Marmar Hughes came off the bench and was able to come up with layups and mid-range jump shots.

Osseo called a timeout with 7:50 left in the first half. The score was Elk River 18, Osseo 9.

Osseo’s Elliot Kane came up with deep 3-point baskets that kept Osseo in the game.

Osseo was able to come up with some rebounds late in the first half. 

Delian and Pink both continued to make shots that they put up. Their teammates did a good job of getting them the ball in spots where they could shoot it.

Osseo’s Kameron Bettie called for the ball in the paint. Bettie was able to catch the ball in the paint and come up with layups and jump shots.

At halftime the score was Elk River 32, Osseo 21.

As the second half got underway Osseo was able to get to the basket and make layups and jump shots. They went on a 16-3 run to open the second half. 

Osseo’s Allen Anderson came up with 3-point baskets to keep Osseo in the game.

Osseo attacked the basket and came up with 3-point baskets.

Osseo called a timeout with 11:55 left in regulation. The score was Osseo 40, Elk River 39.

The score went back and forth for a period of time in the second half. There were multiple ties and lead changes.

Osseo’s Anderson kept attacking the basket and came up with huge layups throughout the second half. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball in sports where he could shoot it.

Osseo’s Steve Fischer came up with layups in the second half. He did a good job of getting past his defenders and getting to the basket.

The game came down to the wire. Elk River’s Delian and Pink and Mitchell Weege all stepped up and knocked down huge shots for Elk River through the game. Those three players were their offensive glue. 

Osseo’s Kane and Anderson came up with huge baskets throughout the game.

In a game that came down to the wire Osseo came away with the 61-57 victory over Elk River.

The leading scorers for Elk River were Pink 15, Delian 14 and Wegge with 12 points.

The leading scorers for Osseo were Kane with 19 and Anderson with 16 points.

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