Sunday, January 3, 2016


Champlin Park and Minneapolis North squared off in a boys' basketball game. North started the game in a zone defense. They wanted to force Champlin Park to take deep 3-point shots.

North looked to push the ball down the floor and score baskets in transition.

Champlin Park looked to get the ball inside to Theo John. John looked to make layups on the low block. He called for the ball.

North’s ODell Wilson IV banged with John on the low block as they went for layups.

Champlin Park’s Brian Smith came up with mid-range jump shots and layups in the first half. His teammates got him the ball where he could shoot it.

North’s Isaac Johnson came up with 3-point shots and layups in the first half. If Johnson didn’t think that he had a good shot, he could pass it to his teammates.

North’s JaQuan Sanders-Smith came up with 3-point shots and layups. He also had great court vision.

He knew where his teammates and the ball were on the floor.

Champlin Park called a timeout with 9:11 left in the first half. The score was North 24, Champlin Park 15.

North got everyone involved in the offense. They passed the ball to each other and knew where everyone was on the court.

North’s Jamil Jackson made layups. He also could bring the ball down the floor on the fast break.

Champlin Park’s McKinley Wright IV drove to the basket hard as he looked to make layups and mid-range jump shots. Teammate Brian Smith came up with 3-point baskets. Smith used his quickness to get past the North defense.

Jackson kept hitting 3-point baskets that kept North in the game.

Champlin Park’s D.J. Hunter came up with layups. He controlled the offense. Hunter took the ball hard to the basket.

At halftime the score was North 43, Champlin Park 40.

As the second half got underway Champlin Park looked to keep attacking the basket and looked to make jump shots.

Champlin Park kept attacking the basket and came up with layups.   

Jackson got hot from behind the 3-point line. He wasn’t afraid to shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor.

North called a timeout with 10:25 left in the second half. The score was Champlin Park 61, North 55.

Champlin Park switched between man-to-man and zone defense throughout the second half. They wanted to confuse North on offense.

Champlin Park’s offense started to click in the second half. They were able to make shots that they put up.

Champlin Park came away with the 80-67 victory over North.

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