Thursday, January 21, 2016


DeLaSalle Institute and Hopkins squared off in a girls' basketball game. Hopkins looked to score baskets in transition. They got everyone involved in the offense.
Hopkins got the ball into the hands of Hannah Kleist who came up with mid-range jump shots and layups.
DeLaSalle got the ball into the post to Chardanae Hamilton. Hamilton came up with rebounds and layups.
DeLaSalle had a difficult time scoring in the first half. They were not able to hit shots that they put up.
Kleist was all over the floor. On the defensive end she was able to slow down the person she was guarding.
Hopkins Evelyn Knox stepped up and knocked down 3-point shots.
DeLaSalle called a timeout with 7:11 left in the first half. The score was Hopkins 31, DeLaSalle 12.
Hopkins looked to take a lot of time off the clock late in the first half, by swinging the ball around the 3-point line.
Hopkins was a lot quicker than DeLaSalle.
At halftime the score was Hopkins 61, DeLaSalle 15.
As the second half got underway Hopkins stayed in a zone defense. They were able to slow down the DeLaSalle offense.
Hopkins guard Reana Suggs came up with layups and mid-range jump shots throughout the game.
She knew where her teammates were on the floor. If Suggs didn’t think that she had a good shot she would pass it off to her teammates.
DeLaSalle struggled shooting the ball throughout the game.
Hopkins came away with the 97-23 victory over DeLaSalle.
The MVP’s for thee game were DeLaSalle’s Hamilton, and Hopkins Knox.

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