Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Minnesota Fury Davis and Minnesota Fury Anderson faced off in the 17U boys basketball championship game of the Great Plains Alliance tournament hosted by the Minnesota Comets.
Davis  came out in a zone defense. They looked to slow Anderson down from the start of the contest.
Both teams raced up and down the floor looking for fast break opportunities.
Davis jumped out to a quick 7-2 lead with 14:00 left in the first half. Anderson kept on looking to score easy baskets in transition.  
Davis looked to get the ball into the hands of Wheeler Baker. Baker was a shifty guard who knew where his teammates were on the floor and was able to get them the ball in spots where they could make easy baskets.
Anderson looked to get the ball into the hands of Robinson TC. TC was all over, making good plays on both ends of the floor. On the offensive end he was quick enough that he could get by his defenders and get to the basket. Defensively, he was able to dictate where the player he was guarding was able to go. TC also played very good help side defense.
The score went back and forth throughout the first half. Neither team went on a major run in the first half.
The score went back and forth throughout the first half, as neither team went on a sustained run.
Baker was crafty with the ball, and knew how to make plays on the offensive end. He made it a rough day for those assigned to defend him.
Anderson looked to get the ball in the open court and looked for the fast break.
For Anderson, Fahnbulleh Nobel did a good job of getting to the basket. He was able to call for the ball when he was at the top of the key and was able to turn around and make a short jump shot consistently.
Robinson came up with a few nice steals and was able to turn steals into layups.
Anderson went on a run late in the first half. They were able to slow down the Davis scoring. Davis went into a scoring funk the last 4:00 minutes of the first half.
At halftime the score was Anderson 32, Davis 24.
The second half got off to a good start as each team really looked like they stepped up the intensity on the defensive end.  Both teams dove on the floor after loose balls, and there were many tie ups on both ends of court.
Davis switched up between man-to-man and zone defense as they were able to throw Anderson off guard.
Davis strung some baskets together midway through the second half. Anderson didn’t back down however as they were able to attack the basket and looked for shots that they thought that they could make.
Davis went to a zone defense and that caused a lot of problem for Anderson.
There were several ties and lead changes late in the contest.
Anderson was always able to string some key baskets together at critical times in the contest. Davis always fought back and looked to attack the basket as they were able to weather the storm.
Anderson looked to trap the ball on defense, but Davis did a good job of swinging the ball around the three-point line and taking time off the clock. Davis did a good job of attacking the gaps in the Anderson defense.
This was a very hard fought game by both teams. Neither team gave up on either ends of the floor.
They also dove on the floor after loose balls and rebounds. It was a very good hard fought game by both teams.
Baker stepped up to the free throw line and was able to knock down some big free throws for his team.
The game came down to the wire. At the end of regulation the score was tied at 53.
In the overtime period both teams continued to attack the basket. Anderson wasn’t able to hit a shot in the overtime period.  Davis was able to come away with the 58-53 overtime victory over Anderson.
I thought that Baker played well throughout the game. He was into the game mentally and emotionally.

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