Friday, July 19, 2013


On Tuesday July 16, HPA took on Information Investors in the Howard Pulley Pro City Summer League.  Both teams were aggressive at the start. Both teams were focused as they took the ball hard to the basket and they didn’t let the other team make easy baskets.
HPA looked to get the ball into the hands of guard Tyus Jones. Jones was all over the floor on the offensive end. If Jones thought he had a good shot he was not afraid to shoot the ball.
Darren Glover for Information Investors Group took the ball hard to the basket. He was able to get some good open jump shots in the first quarter.
Jones was able to make good shots and I thought that he had good court vision. He knew where his teammates were on the floor at all times.
Jones was also able to get teammate Reid Travis the ball on the low block. Travis had good power post moves in the low block where he did a good job of powering the ball up to get baskets.
After one quarter of play the score was Information Investors 29, HPA 24.
As the second quarter got underway, Information Investors strung some baskets together. They were really able to slow down the HPA offense.
Johnson and Jones had good communication with each other on both ends of the floor.
Information Investors were able to get some wide open lay-ups. HPA had a hard time slowing down Information Investors on the offensive end.
At halftime the score was Information Investors 66, HPA 56.
The third quarter got off to a quick start as both teams really tried to get to the basket by trying to hit lay-ups and jump shots.
Jones really came up with some big plays to keep his team in the contest. He had good court vision as he saw plays developing.
HPA continued to chip away at the deficit. They had a tough time doing it. They got to within 10 with just under 4:30 left in the third quarter
Both teams competed throughout the third quarter.
The score after three quarters of play was Information Investors 96, HPA 89.
The fourth quarter started off like the other three, quick. Both teams continued to push the ball down the floor and get easy baskets in the open court.
HPA started off the fourth quarter hot. They got within three at 96-99 with 7:41 left in regulation.
The score went back and forth with under 6:00 left in regulation.
Information Investors looked tired late in the fourth quarter. HPA used their quickness to their advantage to get by the Information Investors late in the contest.
The game came down to the wire. Information Investors came away with the 117-113 victory over HPA.
The leading scorers for HPA were Tyus Jones with 35 points, Reid Travis with 30 points, Jarvis Johnson with 14 points and Jake Write with 13 points.
The leading scorers for Information Investors were Darren Glover with 24 points, Alex Richter with 23 points.

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