Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The High Performance Academy in Eagan, home of the Howard Pulley Panthers and the Howard Pulley Pro City Summer League, was abuzz as Miller Time and Information Investors Group faced off in a summer league game.
Both teams came out looking to push the ball down the floor. It took awhile for the players to get used to each other, as this was the first week that teams played with each other.
The play was sloppy at the onset, as each team turned the ball over a few times on consecutive trips down the floor.
Siyani Chambers for Miller Time did a good job of bringing the ball down the floor on the offensive end. He was able to move the ball down the court quickly and get his teammates the ball in spots where they could take easy shots. They were not able to make a basket for a long period of time in the first quarter, however. On the defensive end, Chambers was able to slow down the guy he was guarding and make him give up the ball while not letting him get a shot up.
Miller Time did, however, looked to push the ball down the floor and was able to look for layups in transition.
Information Investors looked to be clicking on all cylinders in the first quarter. They were able to hit shots that they put up and they were able to work the 24 second shot clock and looked to get good shots.
Charles Buggs played well for Information Investors. He was able to run the floor and had good court vision. He was not afraid to take the ball to the basket if he thought that he had an open shot. If he didn’t think that he had a good shot he was not afraid to pass the ball to one of his teammates so they could get an open look at the basket.
At the end of the first quarter the score was Information Investors 19, Miller Time 11.
Both teams used mostly a man-to-man defense and a motion offense. They looked to use as much off the 24 second shot clock as they could.
Both teams dove on the floor after loose balls. There were a few jump balls in the first half.
Miller Time did a good job of getting the ball out of the Information Investors basket or a defensive rebound and they looked up push the ball down quickly as they wanted to get fast break baskets. They were able to do that in the first half.
Miller Time was not afraid to step outside the three-point line and take deep three-point shots.
Chambers came up with some nice deep threes to keep his team in the game.
Miller Time was able to slow down the Information Investors’ offense production for a period of time in the second quarter. Miller Time came up with some big shots to stay in the game.
There were several ties and lead changes late in the second quarter. Miller Time caught up to Information Investors but Miller Time never gained the lead in the second quarter.
The score after a sloppy first half was Information Investors 43, Miller Time 36.
As the third quarter got underway both teams seemed like they were in control. They both played with a lot of intensity and firepower.
The score continued to go back and forth throughout the third quarter. Neither team was able to go on a run.
Both teams tried to get fancy in the third quarter by throwing lob dunks to each other and looking for layups in the open court.
Miller Time took the lead late in the third quarter, as Information Investors went cold for a stretch.
Wally Ellenson was all over the floor for Miller Time. He was able to shoot an inside jump shot with ease. He was able to make layups. Ellenson was able to get by his defenders on the offensive end and take the ball hard to the basket.
At the end of the third quarter the score was Miller Time 67, Information Investors 61.
Jordan Taylor for Information Investors was all over the floor. He was able to get steals on the defensive end and go the other way by the defenders and score on layups. Taylor was a little quicker than everyone else on the floor.
Information Investors looked to get after it a little more in the fourth quarter by shooting the ball more. Rather than take time off the shot clock they would look to shoot the ball early in the shot clock and if they miss a shot they would look for the tip-in dunk or the rebound.
Information Investors didn’t back down in the fourth. They kept looking for shots that they could get.
They did a good job of getting everyone involved in the offense.
Miller Time attacked the basket late in the contest and was able to hit key shots late in the contest. Information Investors battled throughout the contest. Both teams played hard and well throughout the game. The game was tied at 80 with 2:09 left in regulation.
Both teams traded baskets again and it the end Information Investors came away with the 84-83 victory over Miller Time.

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