Wednesday, July 31, 2013


In the second game on July 29, Pat Madison and Sutherland Raiders went up against each other.
The game got off to a quick start as each team pushed the ball down the floor. The defensive pressure that each team applied was very good as neither team gave up easy baskets.
There were many ties and lead changes throughout the first quarter.
Troy Bell for Pat Madison was all over the floor for his team. Bell knew where his teammates were on the floor and was able to get them the ball in sports where they could shoot it.
Pat Madison had trouble shooting the ball in the first quarter. Austin Hollins for Pat Madison was all over the floor. He was able to get to the basket and hit shots that he put up.
Both teams were aggressive on both ends of the floor.
After one quarter of play the score was Sutherland Raiders 31, Pat Madison 28.
Pat Madison did a good job of getting the ball out of the basket and getting the ball down to the other end of the floor if they were on defense. On the offensive end they were able to get the ball back to the net for second chance points.
The score went back and forth throughout the contest. Neither team went on a run or gave up easy baskets.
Both teams looked to trade baskets for a portion of time in the second quarter.
Trevor Mbakwe for Sutherland Raiders came up with some big slam dunks that kept the crowd into the game.
Pat Madison called a timeout with 4:54 left in the second quarter. At that point the score was Sutherland Raiders 45, Pat Madison 36.
DeAndre Townsend for Sutherland Raiders stepped up and nailed some deep three-point shots to keep his team in the game.
Pat Madison worked for their shots. Sutherland Raiders didn’t give them any easy looks at the basket.
When Townsend was not in the game he cheered on his team and shouted encouragement from the bench.
At halftime the score was Sutherland Raiders 61, Pat Madison 43.
As the third quarter got underway both teams continued to pound the ball down the floor and looking for quick shots.
Pat Madison continued to struggle from the floor throughout the third quarter.
Townsend continued to shoot good shots and he was not afraid to get his teammates the ball in spots where they could hit shots.
After three quarters of play the score was Sutherland Raiders 83, Pat Madison 60.
The game kept its intensity in the fourth quarter. Even though Pat Madison had trouble shooting the ball they kept on shooting the ball looking for their shots to drop.
Pat Madison fought hard throughout the game but they were not able to come away with the 110-88 victory.
Sutherland Raiders came away with the 110-88 victory over Pat Madison.
The leading scorers for Pat Madison were Troy Bell with 7 points, Jefferson Mason and Michael Campbell each with 12 points and Anthony Tolliver with 17 points.
The leading scorers for Sutherland Raiders were AJ Wilson with 15 points, DeAndre Townsend with 16, Wil Graham with 17, Trevor Mbakwe 19 points and Paris Kyles with 25 points.  

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