Friday, July 19, 2013


On Monday July 15, Tony Geer Gazette went up against the Sutherland Raiders. Both teams had substitute players playing with them in the game. There was music blaring throughout the gym for most of the first half as there was a dance team practice practicing in one of the gyms in the complex.
Both teams looked to push the ball down the floor. Sutherland Raiders were able to get a 15-7 lead with 4:00 minutes left in the first quarter.
Deshun Patterson of Tony Geer Gazette was all over the floor. On the offensive end he was able to blow by his defenders and get to the basket and was able to make layups. On the defensive end he was able to slow down the guy that he was defending.
After one quarter of play the score was Sutherland Raiders 25, Tony Geer Gazette 16.
As the second quarter got underway Sutherland Raider continued to attack the basket and were able to make their shots that they put up. Tony Geer Gazette also kept on attacking the basket as they were able to look for layups but were not successful at making them.
Both teams continued to push the ball down the floor and looked to make baskets in transition.
At halftime the score was Sutherland Raiders 55, Tony Geer Gazette 44.
As the third quarter got underway both teams kept up their intensity on both ends of the floor.
DeAndre Townsend for Sutherland Raiders kept on attacking the basket and was able to score on easy layups throughout the first three quarters.
For Tony Geer Gazette Jordan Keppen and Matt Doust caught fire. They were able to knock down shots for their team.
Tony Geer Gazette took a lot of time off of the shot clock.  They didn’t rush their shots they were able to have enough time and get shots off that they wanted to get off before the buzzer went off.
Tony Geer Gazette strung some baskets go together as they kept in the game. They caught up as the score went back and forth for a period of time in the third quarter with about 5:00 left to go.
Sutherland Raiders took both long three-point shots and shorter two point jump shots. If anyone thought that they had a good shot for Sutherland Raiders they would shoot it.
Tony Geer Gazette closed the gap in the third quarter. Sutherland Raiders didn’t give up any easy shots.
After three quarters of play the score was Sutherland Raiders 78, Tony Geer Gazette 72.
Clinton Parker who played of Tony Geer Gazette took the ball hard to the basket. If he thought that he had a good layup he would drive to the basket and take the ball hard to the cup. If Parker thought that one of his teammates had a better shot he was not afraid to pass the ball to one of his teammates.
Both teams looked to push the ball down the floor in the fourth quarter.
Tony Geer Gazette tried with everything that they had to take the lead in the fourth quarter. They were not able to do that however.
In a very good fun hard fought game Sutherland Raiders came away with the 99-82 victory over Tony Geer Gazette.
The leading scorers for Tony Geer Gazette were Jordan Kappen with 21 points and Matt Doust with 17 points.
The point leader for Sutherland Raiders was Jeremy Sutherland with 29 points.

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