Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Miller Time took on Investors in the Howard Pulley Pro City Summer League basketball game.
Miller Time started out strong as they were able to sink a few quick baskets early in the first quarter.
Information Investors also attacked the basket. They took a lot of time off of the clock as they looked to shoot the ball with around 10 seconds left on the shot clock.
Bruce Price played for Miller Time. Price went to the basket hard and was able to get his mid-range jump shot to fall in the first quarter.
Quinton Hooker  for Miller Time also stepped up and was able to knock down shots for his team.
The score was close throughout the first quarter.
After one quarter of play the score was Miller Time 28, Information Investors 20.
Neither team gave up easy shots in the second quarter. Information Investors kept on battling as they looked for their shots to drop in the second quarter.
Both teams continued to push the ball down the floor and look for layups in transition.  
Both teams traded baskets for a period of time. Neither team went on a run in the first half.
Information Investors stung some baskets together late in the second quarter.
At halftime the score was Miller Time 50, Information Investors 46.
As the third quarter got underway both teams continued to attack the basket. Information Investors strung some baskets together and kept the game competitive throughout the third quarter.
It was a competitive game throughout three quarters of play. Miller Time continued to turn on the jets offensively as they were able to crank out jump shots and layups throughout the quarter.
After three quarters of play the score was Miller Time 78, Information Investors 65.
Miller Time continued to shine in the fourth quarter. They didn’t back down to Information Investors.
Both teams played hard throughout the whole game.
Miller Time came away with the 112-86 victory over Information Investors.

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