Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I think that the Minnesota Breakdown does a good job of running one-day boys’ basketball tournaments. I attended the tournament at Prior Lake High School  on Sunday July 7, 2013. The tournament was well run.
I thought that the players played hard and it gave teams a chance in the summer to play with their high school teams.
I think that it is a good idea for high school basketball teams to play with each other during the summer months because there is less of a structure in the offense and players can work on improvements in their own game that they can use during the high school season.
Also the summer season is a lot less stressful on both coaches and players. Players are out in the summer working on their own game and this gives them a chance to do that in a laid back atmosphere.
The Breakdown gets to know who these players are in the summer and that helps them determine their rankings during the summer.

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