Wednesday, July 10, 2013


DeLaSalle High School in downtown Minneapolis was the spot for players who were looking to get on the rosters of international basketball teams on July 6-7, 2013. About 30 players from mostly Minnesota and the upper-Midwest area tried out for international scouts in the two-day affair.
Players lined up and started off with warm-up exercises. They worked on their footwork in drills that tested their ability on moving without the ball.
The players were then split up in three groups as they went through more drill work. Players looked to get shots from different spots on the floor, as well as going off screens and curl cuts.  
Players went through a lot of different drills. Drill work was useful because it gave the scouts a chance to see players in different situations.
They had a 20 minute break where players were kept hydrated and they were given bananas to keep them going.
After they had their break it was back to more drills. They kept on working on shooting and ball screens and back cuts. The guards worked together and the big men worked together.
Players were split up into teams and they played a game of five-on-five full court. Games were at seven minute intervals, with real officials working the game. This gave the scouts a chance to see how players would react in a game situation.
Everybody got a chance to play in front out the scouts in game situations.
I thought that the tryout went well. The state is rich in talent and this was a place for guys to show off their basketball skills. Players worked on all parts of their games and over a two-day period scouts were given a chance to really evaluate talent.

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