Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Grass Roots took on Minnesota Basketball Academy in a 16u boys’ basketball action.
Both teams looked to set the tempo of the game early as they each looked for fast break opportunities.
Grass Roots did a good job of moving the ball around the three-point line as they looked to take time off the clock and wanted to get everyone involved in the offense.
Both teams did a good job of looking for layups. Grass Roots did a good job of trapping the ball and trying to get Minnesota Basketball Academy out of a shooting rhythm.
Both teams battled for rebounds. There were many loose ball rebounds and both teams went hard to the glass to get their hands on the ball.
Minnesota Basketball Academy didn’t get down on themselves. Even though that they were not able to hit shots that they put up and they went on long scoring droughts throughout the first half they still kept on moving the ball on offense and looking to get into an offensive rhythm.
The Minnesota Basketball Academy head coach got a technical foul for saying something to the official.
After a very competitive first half, the score was Grass Roots 36, Minnesota Basketball Academy 19.
Both teams continued to fight for loose balls and rebounds throughout the second half.  
Even though Minnesota Basketball Academy had trouble shooting the ball, they kept on attacking the basket and looking for every way they could to get the ball into the basket.
Grass Roots guard Malik Curtis was all over the floor. He was able to get his teammates involved in the offense and when Curtis got the ball he drove to the basket and was able to make lay-ups when he thought that he had a good look at the basket.
Both teams continued to look for fast break chances.  
Grass Roots continued to get to the basket as they were a quicker team than Minnesota Basketball Academy.
Grass Roots came away with the overwhelming 63-40 victory over Minnesota Basketball Academy.

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