Wednesday, July 24, 2013


MN Fury Anderson and MND1 squared off in the 17u championship game. The game got off to a quick start as each team raced up and down the floor trading baskets.
Delshon Strickland was all over the floor for MND1. He was able to get the ball out of the defensive basket and race down the floor and make easy baskets for his team.
Noble Fahnbullen for Fury was able to drive to the basket. He made some nice passes to his teammates if he didn’t think that he had an easy way to the bucket. If Fahnbullen thought that his teammates had a better shot than him, he would pass it to get the assist.
Fury tried to score a lot of baskets off of transition. They were able to do that a lot throughout the first half.
MND1 strung some baskets together with under 5:00 left to go. Fury was not able to hit shots for a period of time in the first half.
MND1 did a good job of setting the pace for the game. They didn’t let Fury take that away from them.
TC Robinson was all over the floor for Fury. He was able to get his shot off from anywhere he wanted to. Even though Robinson struggled to shoot the ball he was not afraid to shoot it.
At halftime the score was MND1 52, MN Fury 31.
As the second half got underway MND1 continued to attack the basket and was able to keep making easy shots.
MND1 was too much for MN Fury to handle. MN Fury didn’t give up in the second half as they kept on fighting and attacking the basket and shooting shots that they thought that they could make.
Both teams got chippy with each other midway through the second half. Both teams were playing with a lot of intensity.
MN Fury chipped away at the deficit throughout the second half. They did that by not giving up and attacking the basket.
MN Fury got to within 10 points with just under 10 minutes to go in regulation.
MN Fury kept on feeding the ball to Robinson. Robinson then kept on getting to the basket and hitting shots from within the three-point line.
Both teams played hard throughout the contest. Neither team gave up any easy baskets.
Both teams were aggressive there were many collisions and hard fouls by both teams throughout the contest.
In a hard fought game MND1 came away with the 79-67 victory over MN Fury.

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