Wednesday, July 24, 2013


On July 20 in the final game of the day, HPA and Miller Time squared off in a basketball game in the Howard Pulley Pro City Summer League. This game got started on time, unlike the previous two. University of Minnesota Head coach Richard Pitino was in the building to watch the game.
The game got off to a quick start both teams raced up and down the floor as they were able to make layups.
After the first quarter of play the score was Miller Time 20, HPA 15.
HPA looked to set the tempo of the game on the offensive end.
For Miller Time Siyani Chambers, Quinton Hooker, and Joey King all shot the ball well. They were able to hit shots that they took.
HPA did a good job of swinging the ball around the three-point line. They were able to take a lot of time off the clock on the offensive end. Bjorn Broman was all over the floor. He was able to shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor.

Jarvis Johnson -- also for HPA -- took the ball hard to the basket consistently.  Johnson was also able to get to the basket and make easy shots.
Miller Time was all over the boards. They were able to come down with some big rebounds and turn them into points.
At halftime the score was Miller Time 51, HPA 38.
As the third quarter got underway HPA tried to get quick shots as they didn’t want to take a lot of time off of the shot clock.
Joey King for Miller Time was on fire. He was able to hit shots from everywhere on the floor.
Chambers did a good job of getting everyone involved in the offense.
Chambers and Quinton Hooker for Miller Time had good communication on the floor. They were able to connect with each other as they looked for each other on the offensive end for assists.
After three quarters of play the score was Miller Time 82, HPA 67.
White was able to get good clean looks at the basket. He was not afraid to shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor.
The score got out of hand midway through the fourth quarter. HPA really struggled to shoot the ball.
HPA made some quick jump shots late in the contest. But they were not able to come away with the victory.
Miller Time came away with the 112-95 victory over HPA.  
The leading scorers for HPA were Jarvis Johnson with 16 points, Scar Amin with 21 points and Isaiah McKay with 26 points.
The leading scorers for Miller Time were Siyani Chambers with 14, Quinton Hooker with 20 and Joey King with 40 points.

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