Wednesday, July 10, 2013


In the varsity division of the Minnesota Breakdown boys’ basketball tournament Simley took on Prior Lake.
Prior Lake did a good job of moving the ball down the floor and were able to get a lot of good open looks at the basket early in the game.
Simley had a hard time making shots in the first half. They didn’t give up as they kept on looking for shots that they wanted to hit.
Prior Lake was in control of the game as they were able to hit pretty much any shot that they wanted to take.
Simley called a timeout with 12:23 left in the first half. The score was Prior Lake 15, Simley 4.
Simley was able to get the ball down the floor and hit shots in transition. Prior Lake was just a step quicker than Simley on both ends of the floor.
Simley was not afraid to shoot both the two and long three-point shots. If they thought that they could make a long three-pointer they would shoot it.
Prior Lake went to a zone defense. They looked to force Simley to take long three-point shots. Simley had trouble shooting the ball against the Prior Lake zone defense.
Prior Lake also was able to make a lot of shots in transition. As soon as Simley shot the ball Prior Lake looked to get the rebound and headed to their basket on the other end of the floor as they looked to get layups in transition.
At halftime Prior Lake led 29-17.
As the second half got underway both teams continued to attack the basket and look for shots that they thought that they could make.
Simley was able to make some fast break baskets that through Prior Lake off guard. Prior Lake was not able to slow down the Smiley shooters on defense and Simley was able to come up with some uncontested shots.
Both teams looked for fast break baskets and they were both able to score on them.
Simley kept in close as Prior Lake continued to find the basket. Prior Lake had a 37-28 lead with 12:00 left in the second half.
Both teams played hard throughout the contest. Prior Lake did a good job of talking on the defensive end as they were able to let their own teammates know where the other one was supposed to be on the floor and they did a good job of calling out picks on the pick and rolls.

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