Friday, July 19, 2013


On July 17, Pat Madison and Tony Geer Gazette went up against each other in the Howard Pulley Pro City Summer League.
The game got off to a quick start as each team traded baskets. Neither team gave up easy shots.
Austin Hollins, who plays for the University of Minnesota, was playing for Tony Geer Gazette. Hollins was all over the floor as he was able to get decent looks at the basket.
The score went back and forth throughout the first quarter.
PJ Hill for Tony Geer Gazette brought the ball down the floor. He was able to get by his defenders and get to the basket.
Both teams looked to score easy baskets in transition, and they were able to do that.
Maverick Ahanmisi was all over the floor for Tony Geer Gazette. He had good court awareness and was able to make good decisions when he was on the floor.
At the end of the first quarter the score was Tony Geer Gazette 29, Pat Madison 27.
As the second quarter got underway both teams continued to keep the game close. They traded baskets in the early going of the quarter.
Clinton Parker for Pat Madison took the ball hard to the basket. Parker was able to blow by his defender and make layups. On the defensive end Parker was able to create steals and pester the guy that he was guarding.
Troy Bell for Pat Madison was able to get to the basket and score baskets at will. He was also able to get rebounds on both ends of the floor.
The score went back and forth throughout the second quarter.
At halftime the score was tied at 52.
As the second half got underway both teams came out with a lot of energy. The score remained close throughout the third quarter.
Pat Madison jump out quick and got a six-point lead early in the third quarter, but Tony Geer Gazette fired right back and was able to string some baskets together.
Both teams didn’t use a lot of time off of the shot clock in the third quarter. They shot very quick shots. They looked for the rebounds for the put back layups or looked to get the ball on the other end of the floor for a fast break layup.
After three quarters of play the score was Pat Madison 77, Tony Geer Gazette 71.
Both teams continued to work hard for baskets in the fourth quarter.  There were many loose balls and every worked hard at crashing the boards to get rebounds.
The game was competitive throughout. I thought both teams played well throughout the game. In the end however Pat Madison came away with the 102-94 victory over Tony Geer Gazette.
The leading scorers for Tony Geer Gazette were Kwadzo Ahelegbe with 24 points, Maverick Ahanmisi with 15 points PJ Hill with 14 points and Jordan Kappen with 11 points.
The leading scorers for Pat Madison were Terry Campbell with 24 points, Troy Bell with 18 points, Phil Freeman with 18 points, Jefferson Mason with 15 points and Austin Hollins with 11 points.

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